5 Cleaning Tips for High-Traffic Areas in Your Home

Some areas in your home endure a constant flow of traffic and quickly accumulate grime and dirt. Keeping these spots clean is essential to prevent the spread of dirt and maintain a healthy environment throughout your home. 

With the help of a trusted house cleaning service in Frederick that offers customized checklists and frequency of visits, you can easily stay on top of this task. However, having some efficient tips for tackling high-traffic areas at hand is always smart to ensure your home’s continual hygiene. Read on!

What are considered high-traffic areas in a home?

How to keep high-traffic areas clean

Areas that you use on a daily basis and that have more activity or foot traffic require extra care to look as good as the rest of your home. These typically include the kitchen, living room, hallways, and entryway.

They not only collect more dirt but also wear out more quickly. Without proper care, they can lose their shine before you know it and start looking down. 

How to keep high-traffic areas clean?

Have a look at these 5 tips to keep these areas in your home presentable, clean, and welcoming:

Make the best of doormats

Place doormats both inside and outside your entrance to better trap dirt and debris. Make sure you choose a sturdy one for the outside area as it’s more effective in catching moisture and dirt from shoes. The additional mat on the inside will prevent any leftover dirt from spreading throughout the rest of your home. Regularly vacuum or shake them. 

In addition, use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the floors around the entrance, paying particular attention to edges and corners where it tends to accumulate. 

Remove dust from the living area

Use different attachments of your vacuum cleaner to remove dust, allergens, and pet hair from your carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture, taking special care of areas where your pets usually spend time. In addition, wipe down surfaces like shelves, coffee tables, and any decor with a damp cloth and toss your drapes or curtains into your washer. 

Take care of your cooking zone

With all the food prepping that goes around there, your kitchen needs daily tidying to stay hygienic and safe. Here are the essential tasks you need to employ regularly:

  • Wipe down backsplashes and countertops
  • Clean the outside of appliances such as the oven, stove, refrigerator, and microwave
  • Sweep and mop the floors
  • Take out the trash

Keep the bathroom sanitized

There’s no doubt that the bathroom is one of the most dreaded places when it comes to cleaning as it requires a significant amount of scrubbing. Here’s how to keep it spotless:

  • Disinfect the sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet
  • Wipe down mirrors, glass surfaces, cabinets, and countertops
  • Launder shower curtains and bath mats 

Mind the staircases and hallways

These areas tend to be overlooked even though they accumulate dust and dirt extremely quickly. Make sure to vacuum them and dust and wipe banisters, handrails, and other surfaces. Don’t forget to check if there are any burnt-out bulbs that need to be replaced and wipe down light fixtures. 

What is the best house cleaning service in Frederick?

What are considered high-traffic areas in a home

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